Premium Members

Premium Membership Card is the property of TSSMU and is non-transferable. P

General Information

  1. General Members can purchase the Premium Membership for a fee of $15.
  2. Premium Membership purchases made in Winter 2019 will be valid until May 1, 2020.
  3. All payment will be accepted cash or via Interact e-transfer.
    • In order to complete purchase, members must complete the Google Form created by TSSMU.
  4. Each Premium Member will have a number associated to their name and written on the Premium Member Card.
    • The Premium Member Card to be used only by the owner, whose name is associated with the number on TSSMU records.

Replacement Conditions

  1. Please report loss immediately to TSSMU.
  2. Each member can replace once.
    • A replacement fee of $5 will be charged.
    • Second replacement will be charged the original price of $15.


  • Events
    1. Premium Members will be able to purchase tickets for TSSMU events at early bird price.
  • Discounts
    1. Premium Membership Card will provide discount to TSSMU Premium Members at given locations:
      • Mirazu
      • Parc Suites
      • Cafe Gitana
    2. The discounts mentioned above will not apply for food delivery services of restaurants.
    3. In order to receive the discount, Premium Member must show the real Premium Member Card to the restaurant.
      • Photos of the card, card number, etc. will not be accepted by restaurants.
    4. The discount only applies to the owner of the card.
  • Lecture Notes
    • Premium Membership includes access to Lecture Notes available on TSSMU’s Google Drive.